Prostitutes in Dubai

How the beautiful girls from Romania earn their money: that prostitutes in Dubai. Girls with perfect bodies are well selected in country and then delivered to millionaires Arab by pimps. The first sample selection consists in sending pictures from mobile phone. If the girl is beautiful and is accepted by the customer, she is expected in Dubai or Seychelles.A pimp earn in a week 12000 euros. All pimps in Romania are protected by the highest level, from time to time some pawns are sacrificed from these networks of pimping and prostitution. Often customer demand requires more girls once for various private parties that end with group sex. Network members have more people connecting in Dubai and in the country the combiners arranges link between prostitutes and clients. Among the many "nurses TV" from Romania who frequently visit Dubai are "celebrities" like Bianca Dragusanu, Ramona Gabor, Loredana Chivu, etc. For a good part of these the Dubai is like a second home.

Two years ago, after a visit to Dubai, Bianca Dragusanu was accused by Prince Mohammed Al-Habtoor that Dragusanu practiced sex for money (prostitution)."Your visit to Dubai was supposed to be as a tourist normal, but you come to a man who paid you to sleep with him. You're just a fat transformed into Barbie doll. You asked me for money, but for me you're too cheap. ", prince wrote on his Facebook account. Romania is the first exporter of girls for prostitution from Europe, according to official reports. The police action are just for show and sensational, are sacrificed just pawns from networks that recruits girls for prostitution or are taken in the viewfinder just sounding name. Romania means thieves, prostitutes and pimps. This is because Romania is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

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