Sexy stupid whores

The sexy stupid whores are in alert when they are laid bare, the same it happens with the pimps which collects money from these hookers. These whores and these pimps are bothered by true words. I found out recently that i am disturbing. What stupid whores, that's the central idea, I disturbing whores. For this I created this blog which not offers only pictures with sexy girls.The whore is antisocial, the whore is stupid and when I say stupid make reference strictly at behavior. Behavior by sexy whore. Every whore has to analyze their behavior to see the consequences. The whore is sexy but is not able to socialize unselfish. She socializes from reasons of handling and for gain. In her stupidity the whore thinks that is enough to be sexy. Is not enough. Antisocial personality is a condition in which individuals shows a disregard for the law. There is a segment of behavior, called seemingly. With this segment perfidious, the whore many times fools. The whore does not comply to social norms, do not respect moral laws and constant undertake illegal acts.

You want nice girl but at the same time you are fainted after sexy stupid whores. You're just a mentally handicapped driven imbecile by whores. Bitches, I'm not the problem, I'm free, free to criticize, free to condemn, free to talk. Why? Because I can, because I want and because will hurt. Receive criticism from of harlots, that's good, it's a sign that these stupid whores  are injured by words, by true. You can not be someone's wife or girlfriend and at the same time to walk from a man to another man, is unnatural. There is a set of formal rules and informal generators by orders in social relations. The whore violate these rules. The whore constant tells lies, intimidates and uses deception for their own profit.The whore does not have guilt feeling.Behavior unjustified, socializing not at all altruistic, thirst for domination, overvaluation his own person, that's whore.

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